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1983 called- it wants all the mailers back. Be honest with yourself... When's the last time you opened up your mailbox to some junk mail and thought "yep- I need to call this company...?" In all reality, it very rarely happens. They're expensive, they're annoying, and they aren't nearly as effective as they used to be.

But through the use of technology, there are much better options. We work with local businesses to help them keep a steady stream of potential customers entering their pipeline and we handle the leads with an automated system. Basically, we automatically nurture the leads from prospects into leads, and leads into customers.

Targeting Business Owners

While most people throw out junkmail before they even get it inside their house, there is the possibility that local businesses are literally reaching out to you to help them. With some affordable tools and research, we might be able to do just that.

Go to Snov.io and get an account. I assure you- it's worth it. They have pricing plans for as low as $39/mo and it's going to open up a TON of opportunities for you.

Once you're on their site, you will also see a link to their free chrome extension. Install it in Google Chrome, and login to your Snov.io account.

Now when you go to a website and click the plugin, you'll see the email addresses similar to the way we're doing it in the video.

It's a gold-mine for sales and marketing.

Workflow Process

Understand the core concepts of what we're trying to accomplish will make it easier to implement without a bunch of rework.

We use flow charts quite often as it helps to explain processes with multiple steps. In this flowchart, we're also going to include the verbiage that we're using in each of the emails.

You can set up campaigns like this VERY easily in Nurture Ninja, or in other systems like Snovio, Woodpecker, Active Campaign, and other marketing automation tools. Obviously we recommend our own system, but it's possible to do in others as well.

You can see the actual workflow by clicking the button below.

Campaign Configuration

Example of Some On-Page Assets

Landing Page Into Video

Why Should You Automate?

Most marketing research says that we have to touch a potential new customer between 3 and 7 times before we ever get them to take action. Those "touches" might be text messages, emails, ads, phone calls, etc. That's a LOT of manual effort. In your company's case- that's a LOT of mailers.

We automate those follow-up "touches" to that you don't have to pay someone to keep track with all of it. Can you imagine how much time it would save to automatically send text reminders to the clients that haven't scheduled a call yet?

Let us show you how it works in our "automation simulator" above. Enter your cell phone and email and we'll show you some of the ways that you can automatically reach out to your leads so that you end up with calendar full of opportunities.

More Examples of On-Page Assets

If You're Reading This... Expect More.

Marketing has changed tremendously over the past few years, and companies are finding unique and innovative ways to target (and re-target) new customers more effectively than ever before.

If you're reading this it's because you blanketed our area with mailers, an inefficient "shotgun" style approach to advertising. We're trying to show you some cutting edge marketing methods that could dramatically improve your Return On Ad Spend. Here are some ways that we're going to target YOU, and that you could use to more effectively target your prospects:

  • Marketing Automation Campaign (automated messages and reminders)
  • Facebook and Instagram Retargeting (you'll know it when you see it)
  • Google Ad Network Retargeting (we'll see you around)

The best news, we're spending pennies to advertise to you compared to the cost of mailers blanketing an entire area. You could be doing the same thing to make your marketing dollars go further!

Schedule a call with us and we'll show you how you can save money while increasing your ROI. We look forward to talking to you.

Common Excuses to Not Try It

"I've tried other marketing ideas before. They didn't work."

You haven't tried effective, targeted advertising with a proven automated lead management system coupled by re-targeting campaigns. Know how I'm sure of that?

Because your company is sending out mailers that cost 100x with nowhere near the ROI. If you had used a system like this before- you would have already allocated the budgeted junk-mail dollars to it.

Enjoying the Training?

We have a Certified Marketing Ninja partner program which contains training similar to what you've already seen (plus MUCH more detail), tools, resources, and actual software products that you can be certified to sell to your clients.

Basically, we help entrepreneurs and online marketing specialists in several ways:

  • Grow into a thriving business without having to wonder where you'll find your next client
  • Expand your product and service offerings to local businesses without having to learn any coding
  • Help local businesses in three primary ways:
    • Get Found online by clients and customers searching in their area
    • Get Selected by differentiating themselves from their competition
    • Get Connected by streamlining their social media and marketing efforts
If you'd like to learn more about becoming a Certified Marketing Ninja Partner, please check out the link below.

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