Comprehensive List of Recommended Resources

Here's a Comprehensive List of Software Tools That We Recommend

Utility Tools


Free FTP tool.

Notepad ++

Free Text Editor. Mac Users use Brackets.

MySQL Workbench

Free Database Editor. (Optional)


Free automation tool. You'll LOVE it.

SEO Tools

Surfer SEO

Awesome SEO content and research tool.

Screaming Frog

Free Technical SEO tool with paid options.

Local Viking

Awesome Local SEO software suite.

BrightLocal SEO Toolkit

Single dash to monitor, audit, and improve local SEO.

LongTail Pro

Easily find cost-effective longtail keywords.

Fat Joe - Backlinks

Get quality backlinks to help rank.

Schema Markup Generator

Free schema markup generator.


We'll use this free tool to geo-tag images.

5 Minute Keywords

Awesome resource for keywords and locations.


Great keyword suggestion tool.

Site Liner

Check your site for duplicate content.

Open Link Profiler

Analyze the links of any website for free!

SEO Profiler

Full scale SEO solutions. Very Powerful.

Serped Net

Suite of professional tools for serious SEOs.

SEO Snapshot

White Labeled SEO reports for sales & research.

SEO Training

Surfer SEO - Basic

Excellent free course for beginner SEO.

Surfer SEO - Advanced

Excellent free course for Advanced SEO.

Local SEO Guide

The most comprehensive Local SEO guide available.

Screaming Frog

Tutorials for using their free technical SEO tool.

SEO Outsource Options


Local SEO white label provider.

SEO Reseller

Professional SEO Services at Wholesale Prices.

White Label SEO Firm

Great for Local SEO in competitive niches.


Awesome Local SEO tools and white label work.

SEO Content Hero

SEO optimized content, written by pros.

Super Spun Articles

Create hundreds of city pages from one article.

PPC Training

Google Digital Garage

Incredible, FREE resource for online marketing.

Facebook Blueprint

FREE Facebook Ads course by Facebook.

FB Marketing School

Former FB Employee has great ads training.

Free FB Ads Course

Free FB Ads Course with Khalid Hamadeh.

Google Properties

Google My Business

Google Business Listing - REQUIRED.

Google Analytics

See a ton of information about your visitors and traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools

Suite of tools we'll use for Google SEO.

Google Developer Console

Developer Console for Google.

Google Page Inspector

This helps get your page indexed by Google quicker.

Google Trends

See if your keywords are trending over time.

Google Ad Account

Ads Console - needed for Remarketing Tag.

Google Keyword Planner

Research competiveness and CPC.

Google My Client Center

Control multiple clients' ads from this console.

Bing Properties

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing's Webmaster Tools for SEO.

Bing Ads Account

Advertise on the Bing Network.

Bing SEO Analyzer

SEO analyzing tool for Bing.

Bing Keyword Tool

Research the CPC of keywords.

Tags & Pixels

Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager for adding Tags to the site.

Google Remarketing Tag

We'll use this free tool to geo-tag images.

Google Analytics Tag

Easily add Google Analytics via the Tag Manager.

Facebook Pixel

Allows for Facebook remarketing and analytics.

Bing UET Tag

Easily add the Bing Universal Event Tracker.

LinkedIn Insights Tag

Easily add the LinkedIn Insights Tag.

Google Chrome Extensions


See competitors GMB Categories.

Surfer SEO Extension

Keyword research extension for volume and CPC.

Google Tag Assistant

See tags on other sites as well as your own.

Facebook Pixel Helper

See Facebook pixels on any website.


Check page rankings for any term.


Find the hex code for any color on the page.

GatherUp Link Gen

Generate links directly to GMB reviews or locations.

KeySearch Checker

Check the keyword difficulty for search terms.

Chatbot Resources


Best value on-page chatbot that we recommend.


The most popular chatbot builder in the world.


Newer chatbot with an awesome user interface and features.

Miscellaneous Resources

Web Hosting

Ninja Website Hosting.


Awesome tool for Project Management!


Share passwords without exposing them.


See the entire session of your visitors!


Automate scheduling with a single click.

Story Blocks

Stock images and video.


Local phone numbers for call tracking.

AdSpy Ninja

Steal your competitors best ad ideas.


Automate your email outreach.


Get sample data for your demonstrations.

Mail Tester

Make sure your email lands in the inbox!

Fake Person

Great for images of testimonials or close face shots.


Automate Facebook Ad Campaigns


Great, advanced on-page Video Player.

PLR KickStart

Sell Ready-for-Market Courses / Products.