How to Tell If a GMB is Already Claimed

If a Google Business Listing isn't claimed, then there is no one to update the information or optimize the listing. Furthermore, there is no way to reply to Reviews that the business may be receiving.

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Video Transcript

Knowing if a GMB listing is already claimed or not is a fairly simple process. Um, for starters, what we can do is on any of our business listings. If we go to this link that says own this business and we click it, we'll see that in this case, it's giving me the option to manage now, which means that this business is not currently managed. Versus if I go to another one and I click on this, it'll give me a very different screen. It will say that this business has already claimed, and it will ask me if I would like to request managerial ownership.

So this listing has already been claimed, and it gives me a little hint as to who that might be. Um, and I can request access. Now, if I click request access, it's going to actually send an email to this person and say that I am trying to get access to the GMB listing. Would they like to grant me access or reject the request? But that's the way you can tell it's the difference in this screen where it's saying, if you'd like to manage it, then go ahead and manage now. Or it's saying this listing has already been claimed.

That's a quick, easy way for you to be able to tell if a Google business listing already has been claimed. If you're looking for a quicker way to do it, there is a way through, um, a link. It's a tool that helps scrape Google business listings. I'll share it in the comments below, but basically it will give you an entire list and it will tell you whether or not the Google business listing is claimed. So like this one is not versus these that are, it's a much, much easier way. It gives you a really, really great way for you to prospect and find new leads. I'll drop that tool in the comments below, and it'll also be on the training page on our website.

Hope that helps guys enjoy.

How You Can Easily Tell if a GMB Listing is Claimed

It's not hard to tell if a Google Business Listing is already claimed and verified. You just have to know where to look.

On a listing that you're interested in seeing the ownership status, click the link that says "Own this business?"

The next screen will tell us exactly what we are looking for: Is the Google Business Listing already claimed?

This GMB Listing Is Not Claimed

See how this page is asking you if you'd like to Manage the Page? Well- that's good! That means that no one else is currently managing it. That specifically means that this Google Business Listing is Not Already Claimed.

Let's Look at Another Example

Is This GMB Listing Claimed or Verified?

Let's take a look at another example. Once again, we're going to click the "Own this business?" link and we'll see what the next screen looks like...

We Can See That This GMB Listing Is Already Claimed

Note how this screen says at the top that it has already been claimed. Furthermore, you can see that there is the first initial letter and the top-level domain of the email address from the manager of the listing.

Also if you ever need to request access to the GMB listing, you can do that on this screen. The email address of the current manager will receive an email notifying them that you are requesting to manage the account. They can then approve or reject your request.

Want a More Efficient Way?


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