Use Video Transcriptions for SEO


Use Video Transcripts for SEO

What's up Ninja marketers? I wanted to show you an awesome tool that you can use. I'm on loom, on YouTube, on several other different video platforms to help you replicate the results from one of your videos without having to duplicate your efforts.

So what do I mean by that? Well, when we do videos a lot easier to do a video where I'm just talking much, like I am right now, as opposed to writing out all of the words that I'm saying in a document, however, it's really hard for Google or any search engine to really understand what the video, the details of the video Hale, without any of the words.

So what can we do to not have to go back and pay to transcribe all this? And by the way, paying the trends, it is certainly an option.

There are some very affordable ways to do it, to get that done, but you don't even have to do that anymore.

So what I can do is just go to any of my other videos I'm in loom, but I know YouTube is starting to do this as well.

And on one of my videos over, well, this one doesn't have, there it is. Okay. So over here it says transcript beta.

I will click on that and it has transcribed the entire thing for me. And so when it transcribes that entire thing, I can just copy it and then I can go into any Google doc and paste it just to clean it up a little bit, to clean up some of the grammatical errors, maybe misspellings take out some of the us or alms.

And then I have an entire transcript of everything and that I wanted. So if I'm making an article out of this, I've now replicated the work that I've already done.

I've duplicated the effort without having to duplicate Kate, the work that went into it. So I'm getting more results for the same amount of work.

Now I can put this video on a page and put the entire transcript on the page and it allows me to get the SEO results from it.

Uh, the benefits from it without having to manually transcribe all this. It's a very, very cool tool. Look for it.

It's the transcript services or inside of loom inside of YouTube. Some of the other video services are inevitably doing as well.

I think YouTube calls it closed captions, loom calls it transcripts, whatever it is. Look for this. It's a wonderful way for you to be able to not have to go in and write all this stuff out, but you still get all the keywords.

So very cool tool. I highly recommend you use it. You can do that for any time you do a video and you don't have to go right away it all out to take advantage of the keywords in the article.

Hope that helps guys, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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