Premier Platforms
Uses Five Star Ninja

The rental industry for heavy equipment is a very competitive market. The machinery is expensive and the competition is fierce. For this reason, Premier Platforms knew that they needed a advantage over their competition. They reached out to a Certified Marketing Ninja Partner and found out about Five Star Ninja.
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Coming Up with a Plan Across Multiple Locations

Premier Platforms has three locations throughout Georgia and needed a way to bring in a steady stream of positive reviews for each location. Working with their Certified Marketing Ninja Partner, they put together a plan where they could bring in reviews from their clients on a weekly basis with plenty of reserve clients in the pipeline to be able to get a surge when needed.

That aspect of the plan became very useful when they got an unfair review from a client left a 1 star rating on one of their locations. Because they had plenty of customers from whom they had not yet received reviews, they initiated an invitation to leave a review to more than 100 clients within an hour of the unfair, negative review. It effectively drowned that review out with plenty of positive ratings which also helped to maintain a high rating overall.


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