Pettigrew & Pettigrew Accounting
Uses Five Star Ninja

When someone in central Georgia is looking for an Accountant, the decision on who they should use is clear. Let's see how they stack up next to their competition.
Online Reputation Management

Which Accountant Would You Choose?

Let's assume you were interested in hiring an accountant. You search for the accountants in your city, and these are the search result options. Who would you choose? The answer is clear... Hint: the obvious answer is also the one that uses Five Star Ninja!

The Back Story

On the day that they started with Five Star Ninja, Pettigrew and Pettigrew only had 1 online review. A month later, they were at 53 reviews and a 4.9 star rating! These are real ratings from actual clients that they have served. No paid reviews, no sketchy ratings from foreign countries. 100% Legit.

They're currently half way through their campaign, and continuing to get more ratings and reviews on a weekly basis. We're looking to see how high their count goes!

Account Ratings and Reviews

Need Proof? Check This Out...

This client left a review on Yelp and (without any solicitation) actually mentioned that he specifically decided to try this business because of the large amount of highly rated Google reviews!

We asked Derek Pettigrew about his experience with Five Star Ninja!


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