Pawn Pro, Inc.
Uses Local Business Ninja

Pawn Pro was expanding and opening a new location in a city where the competition for their industry was high. With established competitors that all had a head start, they needed an unfair advantage. They found it with our Local Business Ninja.

They Needed Results, Fast!

With Local Business Ninja, Pawn Pro got immediate exposure. From Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and similar directories- all the way to Voice Searches like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana; it's easy to find Pawn Pro. Ready to head there? No problem- Local Business Ninja also submits all of the business information to Apple, Here, Waze, Uber, Lyft, and TomTom.

The Back Story

Pawn Pro, Inc. had a location that had been very successful business for several years when the owner decided to open another location in a larger city. The problem was that the new city already had some very steep competition with established businesses. The Local Business Ninja gave them the edge they needed to outrank their competitors on Google!
Local Business Ninja

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