Owens Insurance & Financial Services
Uses Local Business Ninja

While Owens Insurance uses the entire Ninja Marketing Solutions suite, they particularly love the Local Business Ninja. Having one centralized location to be able to control ALL of their directory listings allows them to easily control their company's information in more than 60 different online directories.
Owens Insurance Group

Owens Needed Ninjas

Owens Insurance Group has been the leading provider of both Commercial and Personal Insurance policies in the Greer, South Carolina area since the 1950's. They knew that in today's competitive and technological business environment that they would need every advantage they could get. So they reached out to a certified Ninja Marketing Partner for some help.

The result was a combination of the entire Ninja Marketing Solutions suite. They utilize Local Business Ninja, Five Star Ninja, Social Dashboard Ninja, and Nurture Ninja in order to streamline their business as effectively as possible.

They've been a client for a long time with no end in sight as they continue to dominate their industry.


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