Omni Fight Club
Uses Five Star Ninja

Omni Fight Club has locations all over the country. A disgruntled customer took the time to leave a one-star rating on every location with the exact same negative review. Without some kind of plan, that can be detrimental to a business.

Luckily, Omni Had a Plan

Omni Fight Club already had the entire Ninja Marketing Suite, so they were prepared to deal with an unfortunate situation like this. One of the core selling points of Five Star Ninja is the ability to deal with this type of issue. Within an hour of receiving the negative review (that wasn't even about their location), there were more than a hundred invitations to leave a review sent out to current or past members. Within a day, there were more than 10 five star ratings which drowned out the unfair negative review.

The Back Story

This location of Omni Fight Club has been a customer of the Ninja Marketing Solutions Suite for quite some time. Between the exposure they get from the citations generated by Local Business Ninja and the ability to protect their online reputation with Five Star Ninja, they are already doing a lot to help their business. Throw in the perks from the Social Dashboard Ninja's ability to handle all of their social media in one place- and they are happy, long-term customers.
Local Business Ninja

Let's See How Omni Fight Club Uses Five Star Ninja!


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