Want to know the secret that transformed my agency?

Offering Financing Options

Predictable, Long-Term Revenue

Work on Larger Projects

Offer Multiple Services

Pick and Choose Clients

Getting a "YES" from More Clients on Larger Projects is VERY Possible

Being able to turn down projects did a few things for me:

Pick and Choose Projects

Focusing on projects that I knew I could knock out of the park helped ensure happy clients... Which meant more referalls... Which meant NEW clients!

Avoid Troublesome Clients

Some clients are just more trouble than they're worth. You know who they are. Everything has to be done perfectly, free, and immediately.

Use It In My Sales Pitch

Telling clients that I only work on projects I will crush totaly switches the sales paradigm. They're auditioning for me instead of vice versa.

Advanced Financing Options

Want to take this strategy to the next level? There are literally countless ways you can expand on this- but in this video we'll show you a few of our favorites.

How Many Projects Does It Take to Reach Your Goal?

Are you currently charging too little because you're not offering the option for clients to pay you in multiple installments? How many more projects are you having to do because you're focusing on the wrong billing strategy? Let's find out...

Financing Options - Goal Calculator

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What Could You Be Charging?

Let's take a look at the monthly payments you could charge your clients to find a price point that both works for them and is profitable for you.

Financing Options - Monthly Payment Calculator

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