Maytronics US, Inc.
Uses Social Dashboard Ninja

With approximately 25,000 followers and a dealer network all over the US and Canada, Maytronics knows the importance of being in front of the right people on the right channels.
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No Matter Where the Audience Is, The Message Is Important

Maytronics uses Social Dashboard Ninja to connect to their followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. They're able to schedule their posts to go out at opportune times including holidays, when the Marketing department isn't in the office.

The Back Story

The Marketing department at Maytronics US, Inc. needed a full-scale solution that would allow them to run complex, coordinated social media strategies and campaigns. They had previously used a combination of tools in an effort to piece together the outcome they needed for successful campaigns. With Social Dashboard Ninja, they are able to accomplish everything they need for their social media strategies within one tool.
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