Lydia's Place
Uses Ninja Marketing Solutions

Being a non-profit organization that specializes in helping people who have aged out of foster care, Lydia's Place knows the important of messaging and leveraging technology. They have implemented a combination of the Ninja Marketing Solutions to help them streamline the conversations they have with volunteers and people they are helping.

Social Dashboard Ninja

Scalability Means Helping More People

For Lydia's Place, their goal is to positively touch the lives of as many people as possible with their services. Since every non-profit operates within a tight budget, they needed a way to "do more with less" when it came to their technology. They have implemented a series of Ninja Marketing Solutions in order to do just that.

They are utilizing Nurture Ninja to help streamline the onboarding process of volunteers and donors as well as Social Dashboard Ninja to help get their message out to their multiple social media channels. They use Local Business Ninja to help enhance their online visibility, and Five Star Ninja to help ensure that their brand is well established. This helps them attract more donors and volunteers, enabling them to help more people who have aged out of the Foster Care system.

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