Juvo 360
Uses Social Dashboard Ninja

Juvo 360 is taking the hourly working world by storm. In order to get their message out, they leverage social media to communicate with their followers. This is a large undertaking as they are sharing their messages and updates across multiple channels, often engaging in one-on-one conversations on various platforms.

Juvo 360 Needed a Ninja

As their audience grew and social media messaging became more important, Juvo needed a scalable solution where they could leverage technology to scale their business. There are plenty of options out there, but they chose the Ninja Marketing Solutions product suite because of the unique features and benefits that are provided at a cost effective budget.

They utilize keyword monitoring online, content feeds to share relevant articles with their followers, scheduling out posts via the content calendar, and much more. When a user sends a private message on one platform, they can quickly and easily reply without having to minimize one app to go into another. It's all in one easy to use dashboard.

Let's See What Juvo 360 Thinks of Social Dashboard Ninja!


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