How to Associate Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Get Better Insight as to Keywords and Queries for which Your Site Ranks.

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Click "Property Settings"

In the admin tab of your Google Analytics account, locate and click "Property Settings" in the middle column.

Click "Adjust Search Console"

Scroll down until you find a section called "Search Console." Click the "Adjust Search Console" button in this section.

Click the "Add" Link

In the "Search Console site" section, click the "Add" hyperlink. This will open a modal window.

Click "Associate" to link the properties

Select the Google Analytics property that you which to join, and then click the "Associate" link. This will automatically join associate the properties and will take you to the Google Search Console.

Search Console is Now Available in Google Analytics

If you return to your Google Analytics account, you'll now see that "Search Console" is now available under the "Acquisition" tab. Within this section, you'll have information about Landing Pages, Countries, Devices, and Queries.

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