Using this tool, you can generate Keywords and Locations in a much more efficient manner.

Let's Find Some Locations to Target with City Pages

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How can we rank for additional search terms that are pertinent to our client's business?

Choosing our Locations

I'm a strong believe in "City Pages." What that means is I'm basically going to try to rank a different page from my site for specific geographical locations. In other words, I don't just pick a city, but also suburbs of the city, prominent neighborhoods in that city, etc.

That means that if I'm trying to rank for multiple cities, suburbs, towns, or neighborhoods, I'm going to need multiple City Pages. More specifically, I'm going to need at least one per targeted area (more on that later).

There are two ways to generate a list of all the areas you want to target. The first is to scroll in and out in Google Maps until various areas are listed or disappear. The second is to use 5MinuteSite. For this tutorial, we'll be doing that.

See the screenshot below where we have entered our example dentist's zip code (30308) and a 15 mile radius. We've also entered our list of keywords for primary/secondary GMB categories as well as some qualifying keywords.


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