Finding additional Qualifying Keywords can allow us to effectively rank for additional search terms.

How Can We Target Additional Qualifying Keywords?

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How can we rank for additional search terms that are pertinent to our client's business?

What Are Qualifying Keywords?

"Qualifying Keywords" are the suggested keywords that Google provides when we are entering a search term but have not yet hit enter. Note the bold words... Google makes them Bold for a reason- they're important to Google!

Note that the terms themselves can (and will) be different depending on the term (niche) and location for which you're trying to rank. See the below examples. Jefferson, Georgia (small town) produces different qualifying keywords than Atlanta, Georgia (large city). Doing this kind of research prior to putting together your ranking strategy is VITAL to a successful SEO campaign. In the below screenshots, I've highlighted the qualifying keywords that I would personally target in each of the examples.

We'll get into the page structure shortly, but for now- keep up with your list in order of importance. The primary and secondary GMB categories are going to be headers in our city page, and our qualifier keywords are going to be used in bullet points supporting the headers.

Note that we ideally would like to specifically target only the qualifying keywords that produce a maps pack in their search result. For instance, if "emergency dentist atlanta ga" produces a maps pack but "holistic dentist atlanta ga" does not, we would skip the holistic dentist term in our keywords to be used in our support bullet points. If they all produce a maps pack (as in this example), you can use all that apply to your business.

Jefferson, GA is a Small Town

Atlanta, GA is a Large City


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