Apply for Website Development Offer

Offer Includes the Following Services:

  • Website Design and Development
    • Up to 15 pages for your website including images, videos, and content
    • Page Speed Optimization - Make the site load within the desired page speed insights for Google
    • Image optimization - use of images to make Google better understand Who you are, What you do, and Where you do it...
    • Mobile-friendly "Responsive" design
  • Creation and Verification of the following accounts (if they don't already exist)
    • Google Business Listing (aka Google My Business)
    • Facebook Page
    • Instagram Business Account
    • LinkedIn business page
    • YouTube account
    • Twitter Account (optional)
  • Implementation of the Following:
    • Google Analytics
    • Facebook Pixel and Analytics
    • LinkedIn Insights Tag and Analytics
    • Google Re-Marketing Tag
    • Bing Universal Event Tracking Tag
    • Google Web Development and Search Console
  • Web hosting for 1 year
    • (Renewable every year after at approximately $100/year)
    • SSL Certificate Included
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
    • Optimized pages to help with ranking in Google and other search engines
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
    • Optimization to help rank the business in the Google Maps Pack
  • Rating and Review Management - 1 year
    • Optionally Renewable at $150/mo after first year
  • Social Media Management Platform - 1 Year
    • Optionally Renewable at $100/mo after first year
  • Creation of Online Business Directly Listings - 1 year
    • Optionally renewable at $100/mo after first year
  • OPTIONAL COMBO (after first year):
    • If you want to keep Rating / Review Management, Social Media Management, and Online Business Directory listings you can keep all three for $250/mo instead of $350/mo

This combination is exactly what a local business needs to get found online by local clients and customers that are searching for their product or service. Generally I charge somewhere around $14,000 - $16,000 for this package. For the purpose of this offer, I'm going to do it for $5,200. Interested Party must agree to the following stipulations:

    • I can record the development of this website and use the videos for any purpose which I see fit.
    • I have an online program where I teach digital marketers how to do many of the tactics that I use for promoting a business. By recording my entire development, I can use it for training materials.
    • Assuming that the work is satisfactory, the recipient would provide a testimonial that I could use on my site.
    • Written testimonial is acceptable, Video testimonial is even better
    • Obviously we'll need verbiage, images, etc. about your business for the website development... We require you to provide us with the content that you want in your site, as no one is better suited to describe your business than you are

That's it... I'm interested in recording the development of a real client's site so that I can use it as a training course for other online marketers. That means that I'm going to charge a fraction of what I would usually charge because I'll make the money back from selling the course.

Consider it a "help me, help you" scenario...


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