Zapier Connects Other Software Solutions to Automate Tasks

Can you imagine the "wow" moment the first caveman had when he discovered fire? Well- Zapier is basically like handing that guy a zippo he can carry with him.
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Let's see how we can configure these three pieces of software to play nicely together.

Acuity Scheduling

First We'll Setup Acuity

Setup Acuity with Zapier

Integrating Zapier and Acuity is very easy. Simply search for and select Acuity Scheduling. From there, it's only three steps to get the integration completed. See the screenshots below for each step.

Configuring Woodpecker

You should have already added Woodpecker to your Zapier account. If you haven't, please click the button below and follow those steps to initially setup Woodpecker as well as to configure it within Zapier.

Note the link will open in a new window so that you can easily return to this page once you have added it.

Using Zapier to Connect Woodpecker and Acuity Scheduling

The Goal of the Cold Email Campaign

For this example, our goal for our campaign is to get recipients to schedule a time to chat with us via Acuity.

Once they do that, we obviously want to STOP sending them additional emails in the cold email campaign (since they've already taken the desired action).

In order to make that happen, we need to setup a Zap between Woodpecker and Acuity. Don't worry- the Zap is already configured for us. Just click the button below and you'll be able to set it up in just a couple of clicks. Use the provided screenshot to configure the Zap and you'll be up and running!

Let's Configure the Zap

Select Acuity Account

Select Your Calendar and Appointment Type

Test & Continue

Now We'll Configure Woodpecker

Select Your Woodpecker Account

Test & Review - Enable Zap

Test and Review the connection, and click through until you are Done Editing the Zap. When you're finished, make sure to Name your Zap and Enable it in order for it to run correctly!

That's It! You're done with the Zapier Configuration enabling Woodpecker and Acuity Scheduling to pass information back and forth based on trigger events!

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