Let's Look at Integrating Platforms to BUILD Your Leads List.

Automate Your Lead Gen Process

Automatic Chatbot

Deliver Lead Magnets

Build List of Leads

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Overview of What We're Building

We're Going to Need Some Tools

In this tutorial we're going to be configuring multiple tools together. Below is a Link to each tool mentioned in the training.


ConversioBot is an awesome automated chatbot system. We highly recommend it for multiple reasons.
Get ConversioBot


If you haven't used Zapier, you should go ahead and thank us. Getting Zapier integrated with Nurture Ninja is easy via the below link.
Connect Zapier to Nurture Ninja

Nurture Ninja

Nurture Ninja is an Automated Lead Management System that brings prospects deep into a sales funnel through a nurturing campaign.
Nurture Ninja

Let's Take a Look at Integrating Multiple Platforms

Campaign Overview

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