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The easiest way to use Google Lighthouse.

Google Lighthouse

Free technical SEO auditing tool from Google.

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Video Transcript

A lot of people don't know that there is an inherent way to do a technical SEO audit on a website using a free tool that Google provides called Google lighthouse. It's a wonderful way for you to be able to, um, prospect as well as find issues on your own site or your client's site, or, um, when I say prospect, I mean like show them how you could, uh, improve their site. Uh, the ranking capabilities and technical SEO is just going to become more and more important, uh, in 2021 for Google. So, um, this is a great way for you to do that.

I have pulled up this website, we've used on a couple of different examples. This is not a client of mine, and in no way, is this meant to pick on them at all. This is just a way for me to have a website that we can, um, use. As an example, I'm going to show you two different ways to do this one. You can go on here and click inspect, and then under inspect up here, you can go to lighthouse, and now you, we have the ability to select whether you want to do it from a mobile or a desktop, um, or, you know, you can basically put in whatever category you want and then click eight report. And what it will do is it will spin up a version of lighthouse. Emulating is I, I chose mobile. It will show you the entire site and it will give you a complete technical SEO audit from Google. A hundred percent free to use.

The only requirement is that you are using Google Chrome to do this. And it is an awesome tool for you to be able to produce something that really shows some technical SEO capabilities on your end when you are trying to impress a prospect or client. And when you are trying to help fix their website. So there's, this is a terrible performance score. Um, and it will go through and show you why, right? This is a technical SEO audit. We're not going to go through what all of this is, but there are all kinds of different things in here. And you can expand on these, right? So to be able to show a client, a technical SEO audit of this level of detail is just fantastic.

When it comes to building credibility. Also, it gives you a way for your developer. If you're not doing the actual development, it gives you a way to provide some real clear definitions around what you need done from a development standpoint, to help your chances of ranking. So, um, you can either hit inspect or the shortcut for the keyboard is just F 12. If you're in Chrome and you're on a website, press F 12 and F 12 will bring up that same screen. You just scroll over until you find lighthouse generate report. So that is one way to do it. There is another way to do it. That's even easier than that. And that is with a Chrome plugin. They have an extension that they use that is specifically for Google lighthouse. And so this is the little icon up here.

I'm gonna have a link to, uh, both, you know, all the tools that we're talking about will be in a link below this video on the page. But if I just click there, it will allow me to generate the report. And I've already done that so that you didn't have to wait for it to spin up again, but it generates the report in a new window. And again, you can go through and you can see real clearly what all needs to be done. Um, just a really, really cool tool that a lot of people don't know exists, and it is totally free to use. Google is giving you a cheat sheet on what they want to see done differently, um, when it comes to their algorithm and you can even see that the performance score is calculated directly from these metrics, and you can see the calculator of how it's doing it. It's just a great, great insight to be able to increase the technical SEO capabilities for any page. Um, whether you're trying to prospect or whether you're actually doing work on a client site or your own site. Very, very cool tool. Hope you guys enjoy that. We will chat soon. Thanks guys.

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